AcceCentric 3D Virtual Branch

Companies often want to open a branch but opening a branch in a high population area is very costly! AcceCentric 3D Virtual Branch by AcceInfo was designed to simulate a real bank branch, supermarket or retail store. Read more...
By creating a ‘Real World’ environment, the customer will feel as if they are in an actual bank branch or store. Customers will be able to conveniently visit a branch or store online from the comfort of their home. AcceCentirc 3D Virtual branch can be linked to the Company’s backend systems such as the CRM and Call Center so employees can communicate using the 3D Virtual Branch effectively and efficiently in order to enhance the quality of services offered to all customers. The 3D Virtual branch as a ‘Live Chat’ option so the customer can directly text back and forth with the Customer Service Representative or a ‘Voice/Video option’ which is a live face-to-face Voice and/or Video chat with the Call Center Agent.

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