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Professional Live Agents for $7 US/hour -
Inbound, Outbound and Chat

Acceinfo offers B2B or B2C telemarketing services designed to strengthen your business, increase sales and provide world class services and support using our call center services at affordable prices

Our expert staff skillfully integrates our top-notch telemarketing services into your business’s framework—streamlining and boosting your sales.

Our Process

1. Agreement
No long contract you pay as you go You can try us for 10 business days Affordable hourly rate of $7 per hour. Simple service agreement.
2. Consulting and Training
Team leader for every campaign with no charge to understand your business process. Work with you to develop and tailor a detailed script One hour free orientation / Training about your script and your process
3. Launch
Immediate Call Transfer or email for qualified leads if required. End of day report. Weekly analysis to maximize your results.

Our Pricing

$ 7

Live Agent/Hour

$ 65

Dedicated Soft Phone / month / Agent Unlimited calls North America

Telemarketing service, Appointment Setting And Lead Generation

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Learn more about how Acceinfo can create a tailored solution for your call center needs, allowing you to scale globally and reduce costs while enabling your internal team to focus more on customers and business growth.

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