AcceInfo’s ‘Next Best Action’

What is ‘Next Best Action’ (NBA): it is a customer-centric marketing technique that considers the alternative actions during a customer interaction and recommends the best one. Banks and Financial services always want to know what the next best action is. Acceinfo’s ‘Next Best Action’ is focused on:

  • A high degree of complex rules, analytics and algorithms to better predict customer needs. In turn, we offer more relevant actions and comprehensively lead to improved wallet share and loyalty
  • Leveraging Machine Learning capabilities to recommend what to do next for a customer
  • Engaging the customer with relevant and coordinated messages and offering across all inbound and outbound channels, such as Contact Centre, Branch, Web, e-mail and social media to maximize profitability and customer loyalty
  • Providing the following functionalities for integration of your channels and existing systems:
    • Retrieving the next best action that will be presented to the customer during a mobile banking log-in
    • Product Propensities – in order to retrieve what the product offers with their propensity and benefit metrics
    • Capture Response – in order to capture responses of the customers to create product offers and actions

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