Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology into all areas of a business, basically changing how you operate and deliver services to customers. Digital transformation means the operational and cultural change of an organization, business or ecosystem through a good selection of digital technologies, processes and competencies across all levels and functions in ...

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Give The Gift Of CRM with AcceInfo!

Give your Organization the Gift of CRM with Acceinfo for the New Year!

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* Wishing Everyone a Healthy & Happy Holiday Season *

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family the very best this holiday season. Whatever you celebrate and however you celebrate it, we hope it is with much happiness and good health.

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Quality Is Never An Accident

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. 

  A software quality analyst, or software quality assurance (QA) analyst, is responsible for applying the principles and pr...

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Retail Banking CRM Solution

Acceinfo’s ‘Retail Banking CRM’ solution based on Salesforce or Dynamics365 brings years of in-depth expertise in creating solutions for the financial services industry. It allows us to leverage the core capabilities of CRM and tailor it to meet the unique and specific needs of Reta...

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Dashboard and Reporting

It is a fact that todays organizations need data to advance and expand. Regardless of the industry – understanding the companies eco system and clients can result in making better decisions and cutting down on resource waste. There are many ways to present data though, the best tool depends on the companies needs. Acceinfo offers 360-degree view dashboards and customized reporting as our main ways to present information to organizations.  We a...

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Branch Transformation

Branch Transformation For many banks and financial institutions, determining the best strategy for delivering seamless customer service within the branch can be a challenge today due to the number of different applications being used. AcceInfo suggests CRM based single application within the branches to enable banks to streamline their business processes, by connecting front-office to back-office systems. Providing a ...

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AcceInfo’s ‘Next Best Action’

What is ‘Next Best Action’ (NBA): it is a customer-centric marketing technique that considers the alternative actions during a customer interaction and recommends the best one. Banks and Financial services always want to know what the next best action is. Acceinfo’s ‘Next Best Action’ is focused on: Continue Reading →