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Many organizations struggle with the balance between acquiring new business (sales) and keeping new business (customer service). The truth is that even though sales is the lifeblood of any business, keeping customers happy is the key to a successful long term strategy and growth. This means that your Customer Service Representatives need all of the tools available to them to keep customers satisfied.

Start with a CRM
Having a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) is the first customer service tool that any business should get in place. A CRM allows you to track a customer’s full life cycle, from lead, to sale, to service and retention. Having a CRM in place will also allow representatives to provide continuity of service by leaving notes on any customer issue, cutting future Average Handle Time, and making your call centre more efficient.

Provide A Great Culture and Training
The key to great customer service is starting from the top. When executives see the value in Customer Service, they ensure that it’s part of a company’s core values, and ensure that it’s a focus of every aspect of the business. Once Customer Service is enshrined as a core value, training programs need to be implemented and followed up on with every new hire in the company.

Keep your customer service reps engaged through call centre gamification. This makes learning easy (and also fun) and keeps representatives sharp and focused. It also makes their performance goal oriented, which is a key motivating factor for many employees.

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