What are Key Performance Indicators?






Measuring performance is incredibly important for every business, as it give you the temperature of how the team and individuals are functioning. The goal is to always run a company in a efficient and effective way, while having a focus on how employees can help an organization reach its goals. That is why Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs as they are often referred to) are absolutely vital when it comes to helping your staff reach their absolute best and help to make sure you are on the right path. Why are KPIs so important?

Motivating Staff
A motivated staff will help you drive your business forward. They will be loyal to your brand, be an advocate for your business and help you grow. It’s great to have motivational incentives for staff, but an important aspect of motivation is to help you staff know what they are doing and how they are doing. When an employee knows their role in the company and how it impacts the overall success of the business, they are far more likely to do a great job.

Fixing Issues
It’s hard to fix an issue that you don’t know is there. If there is any performance metric that needs addressing, having accessible KPIs represented by actual reporting can help you address those issues right away. It means that you can know if there is a gap in sales, customer care or any other department you are tracking. That is why having a CRM in place is absolutely vital. A platform such as Salesforce will allow you to see full dashboard reporting for any KPI you assign, which will have you running more efficiently than you ever imagined.

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