Why use a 3D Virtual Branch?

Many companies want to expand their footprint to new locations nationally or worldwide, but doing so can be very costly. Brick and mortar stores in major cities come with massive renovation, rent, electricity and staffing bills. Creating a 3D Virtual Branch allows you to give customers a customizable, realistic experience without having to worry about a physical location’s overhead. A 3D Virtual Branch can allow customers to fully interact with the products you are offering from their home, and it’s perfect for many businesses, including banking and grocery shopping. Customers can automatically have their information pushed into your CRM and your contact centre staff can handle closing deals through online chat, telephone or live video chat.

TAKE A LOOK AT THE 3D VIRTUAL BRANCH: http://www.acceinfovb.com/tvb/3dvb/

SCHEDULE A DEMO TODAY: http://acceinfo.com/demo

If you require additional information regarding our 3D Virtual Branch for your business, please contact us!
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