Customer Lifetime Value!





There is an old sales method which focuses on getting a new sale no matter what, including unethical means. While this is a temporary way to increase revenue, it ignores some incredibly costly and damaging long term effects on a business. These effects could include long term damage to a company’s reputation and increased costs in assisting customers who are now unhappy and disenfranchised with your brand. The focus should be on the long term, and the best strategy is to focus on the Customer Lifetime Value.

The Customer Lifetime Value takes a look at the importance of taking care of a customer throughout their entire relationship with a company. This means that starting from the time the customer is a lead, they should be treated with the same care that existing customers are, which means always finding the right fit for the right customer. Since everybody in your organization is in customer service and sales, increasing the Customer Lifetime Value should be an easy shift in paradigm. Part of this shift means having all of the tools necessary to assist customers, especially having a CRM that will improve continuity of service and lead you through the challenges of helping a customer every step of the way.

As a positive byproduct of the change, you will have increased customer satisfaction, increased referrals and increased job satisfaction among employees. It’s one of the biggest wins an organization can ask for, and we can help! If you need more information or a free assessment on your CRM needs, call us!
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