Lights Out on Poor Service


A solar eclipse is an incredibly rare and beautiful celestial event, caused by the moon obstructing earth’s viewing of the sun, which happens only a couple of times a generation in any given part of the world. The event is rare, it’s breathtaking and it gets people talking; these are all great things. But imagine that you had to deal with the sun being blocked out every single day. It would turn the eclipse from an amazing rare event to something that is the cause for great annoyance. It makes no sense, then, that organizations put up barriers that cause their light to dim and cause their customers great annoyance. What is the biggest block you can put in the way of great customer care?

No Continuity of Service
Customers want their issues solved in a quick and professional manner. Although most would agree that first contact resolution is the gold standard for service, it’s not always possible given the type of issue the customer is facing. The only thing more frustrating to a customer than having to call back to resolve an issue is to have to call back and explain the entire issue from scratch.

The Solution
The only way to guarantee continuity of service is to log every customer interaction into a CRM. This includes putting notes pertinent to what was discussed and any resolution. The more notes, the better! This also means that a CRM needs to have the ability to work for customer service reps as well as for sales.

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