Everyone is in Sales!








Everyone in the business world is in sales. That’s a pretty broad statement, but one that should lead every organization’s goals. The big question most people have is how are departments not traditionally related to sales supposed to align with those goals?


Marketing is essential to the lifeblood of every company. Many marketers collect data about the popularity of the brand and of the demographics of the customer, but the primary goal of a marketer is to increase sales for the company. Every customer interaction counts, and every interaction is a chance to sell the customer a product or service for the company. This is not to say that branding isn’t important, but that all branding is an attempt to increase sales.

Customer Service

Providing a great customer experience is part of ensuring customer loyalty. This pays off as the customer will have a greater lifetime value when they are loyal to a brand. This is also a huge internal opportunity for every company, as customer service representatives should all be trained on cross and upsell opportunities and should all capture relevant marketing data on a CRM. The more information about customers, the better that marketing can do to help increase sales.

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