Everyone is in Customer Service!







The last blog talked about the importance of having everyone in an organization involved with sales, but that is not the only thing that a company needs to look at to ensure growth. Everyone also needs to be involved with customer service, no matter which level in the company you are in.

C-level Executives
Customer service is the absolute foundation for how your business is perceived, and perception can be reality when it comes to customers. If your business is perceived as being out of touch with customer’s current wants and needs, it will negatively impact the value of your brand. That is why it is essential to invest in customer service and advocate for it from the top. Many C-level executives make the mistake of believing that customer service is an expense, but the fact is that it can be a key revenue driver for any business. This means that it requires investments, like a proper CRM to help take the temperature of the customer experience, and what the customers think of your company.

Every salesperson in your company needs to have a good sense of customer service. Think about it: a salesperson is likely the first point of contact that any customer will ever have with your company. The customer’s impression of the sales process will help form their opinion on the company and how they will be treated over their lifetime as a customer. A salesperson must also be fastidious with how they enter a customer’s information into a CRM, as this information is key to informing future marketing, promotion and sales decisions. It’s also incredibly important for continuity if a customer ever needs to call in for assistance.

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