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Traditionally, customers have¬†looked to find support from the same place they have made a purchase or received a service. If you bought a shirt from a retail store, for example, you would return to that exact same store to exchange the shirt for a different size. Times have changed, as have customers’ buying habits, which means that there is a greater expectation to be able to service the customer where they want, when they want. That is why contact centres have increased in prominence, as they allow a customer to contact one central location instead of having to visit an actual brick and mortar store. This means that you can run an entire staff of customer service agents in one area that can serve the entire country, and in some cases, even service internationally!

Contact centres are not the only way that servicing the customer where they want has changed, however. There has been a huge increase in online purchasing, to the point that most retail stores now have an online presence to allow customers to shop from anywhere in the world. Imagine being on a beach somewhere while on vacation, ordering something from a website and having it delivered to your home for when you get back home. Customers love the convenience, and companies love the return on investment that this can bring. The latest update to servicing the customer from anywhere is the AcceCentric 3D Virtual Branch. This allows customers to bank in a comfortable, familiar branch environment from anywhere in the world. And banks can offer a myriad of products and services as they would in a branch. To add a personalized touch, the virtual branch can staff actual people to answer customer questions and concerns and to up and cross sell additional products!

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