Out the outset let us examine what an omnichannel means. Omnichannel Retail (or Omni channel Commerce) is a multichannel approach to sales that focus on providing seamless customer experience; whether the client is shopping from a mobile, a laptop or in a hardware store. Omni the word came from Omni which means all or universal. In an omnichannel contact center, all communication channels (such as phone, SMS, online chat, and emails) are connected together and combined to provide a seamless customer experience. These contain both online marketing channels like, mobile advertising, social media, e-commerce and offline channels. Omnichannel brings all your sales channels together and combines your data streams so that you can easily get a strategic view of your marketing efforts, take a more holistic approach to marketing and create a new collaborative culture in your marketing department.

Since omnichannel communication improves your buyer behaviour analysis, it also helps you identify the best way to meet customer needs and predict inventory requirements. As the social media revolution has meant the two-way exchange in interaction, omnichannel is the realization of social business, may it be offline or online. If the first phase of evolution of the customer relationship was messaging, and later it was media, the future is product research, selection and payment with personal preference. Data can be used universally from any devices.


Customer Experience:

Now we are living in a world where consumer sees their smartphone as their personal   assistant. When it comes to shopping areas omnichannel shoppers expect an experience from your   brand that extends beyond the store to their smartphone and laptop computer. Omnichannel customer experiences make customer interactions in many channels (e.g. social media, smartphone, chatbots) as part of one unified customer journey.


Omnichannel software provides a single data point for all your product information, through your POS. This tracks your inventory levels and its prices while forwarding that information to your ecommerce website or other platforms. If you had to sell on multiple channels using multiple different platforms, it would be nearly impossible task in tracking areas. What if you change a price of a product? You’d have to log into 4 or 5 different platforms to update the information. In omnichannel software, data in one location can be centralized to control and make your business into an effective one for your customers. In this you will get a high efficiency.

Combine Online, Offline, and Physical Worlds:

Customers can walk into a retail store and take advantage of the applications. Likewise the agents can also use application at the same time .It brings more efficiency. Combining the online, offline, and physical worlds is a great way of businesse. This can improve the customer experience with omnichannel marketing. Consider a retail example. A customer can either bring in their phone while they speak to a worker in the store, or the employee can use a tablet to search for the need of customer while speaking to the customer. This is a unique scenario to businesses that implement omnichannel solutions because no other strategy allows multiple channels to be used by employee and customers. This new way of combine bring more satisfaction to customers.

Optimization of Channels:

The main benefit that comes from offering customers an omnichannel experience is the fact that it gives the users to personalize their own experience. The customer has the control to access the products, services, and all other support options on demand. A customer comes into the store because they want something. Instead of the old procedures customer can show the employee the order number and this will speed up the entire process.

Omini channels in contact centers:

A traditional contact center offer just one channel subscription that is phone calls. The omnichannel contact center provides their customers many communication facilities. They can communicate with your company through their preference whichever channel they prefer. This contains phone calls, social media, email, text, video etc. An omnichannel contact center will provide a consistent customer facility to all customers regardless of the methods and devices they use to communicate with your company.

An omnichannel contact center is a customer service strategy focused on allowing customers to contact companies using their preferred method of communication now it is changing The focus of omnichannel contact centers has changed over time. In the early stages, the omnichannel approach was focused on integrating voice and video interaction in their solutions, but the focus has now shifted to integrating social media and messaging services. These contact centers are designed to allow a seamless experience for the customer, no matter what their communication method of choice is. Many customers, and especially younger customers, display a clear preference for messaging based communication. An autonomous omnichannel contact center builds automation into the solution results which gives a smooth experience for both the customer and the organizations. Messaging channels cause very little problems because customers can use them with their other activities.



Multi-channel contact centers provide customers the flexibility to choose the method of contact. That makes the most sense for them at any given time and this requires your organization to provide the same prompt, informed customer experience across all channels. A multichannel contact centre provides agents and customers to interact with each other through various communication channels. The channel is selected by the consumer as his choice. Each channel of communication operates in isolation from one another. These forms of communication can vary from many types such as phone calls, email, letters, SMS’s, live chats, video chats. Multichannel was the older version of the omnichannel communications but is still used by many centres.

Choosing the right customer service software and approach is difficult job. Many people may think that omni-channel is the best choice since all channels are interconnected and co-related. But multi-channel support also have advantages, it suited for businesses those who are just starting out. You can always start out with a multi-channel approach and then later connect all of your channels together into an omni-channel experience, in other word you can upgrade to omni channel. Every conversation is available in one place so that customer service increases. They can also collaborate with one another via the chat feature and you can view email, phone, chat, social, website portals, and e-commerce support channels all from one dashboard.

Benefits of omni channels:

Maximize productivity of agents:

In phone calls an agent can only answer one call at a time. While in omni channels, it can serve many customers, hundreds and even thousands at a time. This frees agents’ time so they can focus on handling more complex issues in the organization.


Omnichannel gives organizations with the right facilities to offer customers personalized experiences. More importantly, reinforces their individuality.

Easier for Everybody:

No matter if the consumers are online or offline, being equipped with the right facilities that deliver information about the customer in a seamless way makes the process easy for everyone involved.

Customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is the main goal of every industry, organization and business omichannel softwares provide a great customer satisfaction.

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