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Financial Institutions, supermarkets and other organizations often want to open another branch in popular areas. Such initiative appears to be costly and hard to implement, especially in recent times. So the 3D Virtual Branch was designed in a way to simulate a real bank branch, supermarket or retail store, by creating a real world environment. Customers shall feel as if inside an actual bank branch or a store and visit them online from the cosiness of their home. 3D virtual Branch can be linked to Company backend systems, such as call centres and CRM, granting employees efficiency along with effectiveness to enhance quality service to all customers.  “Voice and /or Video option” and “Live chat “options are both available to interact directly with Customers and customer Service Agents.

At a time when physical bank branches are closing every day, one open virtual branches that would be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week that allows users to check, browse and perform operations with voice and eye commands or with the support of an avatar. 3D virtual branch enables customers to decide what their visiting experience will be. It offers advanced yet simple technology that allows customers to enter the branch without leaving home.

Branch employees bring branch services directly to the customer through a tablet or smartphone, streamlining previously tedious and time-consuming transactions, such as customer on-boarding. Instead of convincing potential customers to visit the branch and fill out endless paperwork, the employee goes to the customer to gather information, scan identification into the app, and collect their signature digitally. The entire process is paperless, making it faster, more efficient and more secure – not to mention the money saved in paper, printing, and shredding costs. The efficiency itself is another huge source of cost savings – no more time wasted printing, copying, and scanning forms.

Most of the customers will consider switching banks if the communications and services do not meet their expectations. With enhanced customer experience, you can build lasting relationships with the entire customer base, creating regular engagement and trust. With this they will feel that their issues are addressed personally by the bank, which shall boost their loyalty.

This can include chat, video chat, and audio chat, file manager, request call back, direct messaging, survey, request meeting. This will be a unique customer experience in multi channel environment.

3D and virtual reality: 

Virtual Reality has been known by names such as synthetic environment, cyberspace, artificial reality, simulator technology and so on and so forth before VR was eventually adopted.

The meaning of a virtual reality is where you can experience full depth of objects. Nowadays 360 videos are pretty popular in virtual reality. The issue with most 360-videos is that they actually have no sense of depth: they’re just a spherical recording that you can see from within a VR HMD. They are like a texture inside a sphere. Nice, but don’t feel real. With VR 3D videos, instead, you have a complete sense of depth of objects of the video, meaning that you can really see objects in the video like in reality and they don’t just seem like a flat image inside a dome. You can perceive nearer and farther objects.

VR or virtual reality refers to mimicking a real world through a virtual world that you see with your eyes (leaving the other senses out for the moment).

In its simplest form it consists of two different aspects.

  1. Creation of a virtual image (2D or 3D) for your eyes to see
  2. Tracking your head movement to change the scene in front of your eyes

3D deals mainly with the first aspect. The enclosure of a VR Headset separates the image shown to the right and left eye. This is exactly what is needed for viewing 3D movies. In theatres, the 3D glasses you wear are polarised in such a way that each eye sees a different frame that has been made specifically for it. In the case of mobile, the same effect is achieved by splitting your mobile screen into two halves, an image for the left eye and an image for the right eye. If the images for both eyes are the same, you just see a non-3D big image like normal movies. If the image shown to the left and right eye differs slightly based on the angle of view, you perceive 3D effects. VR is a broader term that also deals with the tracking of one’s head. So when you look towards your left, the smartphones gyroscope sensors are used to detect the way your head moved and reactively change the images to make it feel like you actually panned your view across a static virtual world to the left.

AcceCentric 3D virtual branch:

AcceCentric 3D Virtual Branch was designed to simulate a real bank branch, supermarket or retail store. By creating a ‘Real World’ environment, the customer will feel as if they are in an actual bank branch or store. Customers will be able to conveniently visit a branch or store online from the comfort of their home. AcceCentirc 3D Virtual branch can be linked to the Company’s backend systems such as the CRM and Call Center so employees can communicate using the 3D Virtual Branch effectively and efficiently in order to enhance the quality of services offered to all customers. The 3D Virtual branch as a ‘Live Chat’ option so the customer can directly text back and forth with the Customer Service Representative or a ‘Voice/Video option’ which is a live face-to-face Voice and/or Video chat with the call center agent. In this virtual reality you can do the same as in the real world. For example you are going to 3D virtual branch of a bank where you can fill your details and enter in to your desired departments. In AcceInfo card system there are three card system platinum, gold, and silver. These card facilities are designed in such a way that customer can easily select card system as their need. The 3D virtual branch has three options the customer decides to apply now the information is captured and further the relationship manager will contact the customer. The second option is live chat and the third option is voice/video chat. Taking another example as a super market here you can select items. You can view the item quality price etc.

The future of 3D branching and virtual reality:

There are some people to whom VR may be a specific collection of technologies; which include, headset, glove and walker. VR is defined as a highly interactive, computer-based multimedia environment during which the user becomes the participant in the computer-generated world. It is the simulation of a true or imagined environment which will be experienced visually within the three dimensions of width, height, and depth which may additionally provide an interactive experience visually, fully real-time motion with sound and possibly with tactile and other sorts of feedback. VR may be a way for humans to see, manipulate and interact with computers and very complex data. It is a man-made environment created with hardware and software and presented to the user in such how that it appears and seems like a true environment. It is a purely computer-based technology for simulating visual auditory and other sensory aspects of complex environments.  VR incorporates 3D technologies that provides a real world illusion.  VR creates a simulation of real-life situation.

Virtual reality is a hot topic in the field of science and technology and also in commercial world. It is assumed that the cost of hardware and the complexity of production are the obstructions for the massive adoption of virtual reality. However, the experts from the VR industry have different opinions. Virtual reality is an underestimated field that could bring changes to medical therapy, professional training, and life experiences for both consumers and business beyond videos and games A virtual branch transfers the advantages of any organisation to a remote service. It is now possible to sell all type of products remotely with an easy-to-use facility.

Virtual branch provides numerous opportunities for bank and other organization. Through a 3D virtual branch of your company you can give service to your customers throughout the world same as in the real world. It is a low cost method and simply it is the future.

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