Dashboard and Reporting

It is a fact that todays organizations need data to advance and expand. Regardless of the industry – understanding the companies eco system and clients can result in making better decisions and cutting down on resource waste. There are many ways to present data though, the best tool depends on the companies needs. Acceinfo offers 360-degree view dashboards and customized reporting as our main ways to present information to organizations.  We adapt Machine Learning which analyzes data in order provide the Next Best Action for our clients.

Reports are static documents that contain data in text and table form. They are mostly organized to highlight specific raw numbers or relevant data sets. The benefits of reports are that they allow the creator to build full narratives with data and optimize its presentation as well as featuring data that is already cleaned, sorted, and parsed. However, the data that reports generate generally represent a slice of the available sets without the ability to manipulate them. This is where Acceinfo’s Business Intelligence tools come into play. We take your current system on Salesforce and customize it so the user becomes enabled with the ability to generate reports efficiently with a range of data and customized to their specific business needs.

Dashboards are data visualization tools that can be customized and tailored to display specific metrics, data, and KPIs. Usually, these tools are dynamic, and data is being updated in real-time. Where once dashboards were reserved for upper management, with Acceinfo’s development of self-service analytics every department across your organization can have access to relevant data. Dashboards can be narrow or broad and overarching aspects of an organization. For example, human resources may have several specific dashboards for payroll, bonuses and other functions, while a marketing department can have dashboards for advertising, lead scores and site traffic.

In the end, which reporting tool you use, depends on what you need at the moment. Either reports and/or dashboards are extremely useful tools when tailored to an organization’s specific needs. Acceinfo can enable your company to create better efficiencies through customizing and optimizing the reports and dashboards generated.

It is very easy to schedule a demo to learn more about how Acceinfo can take your company that one step further, visit us at www.Acceinfo.com and/or call us at +1 416-628-6152.

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