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The previous blogs dealt with everyone in a company being in sales and everyone being in customer service but the true mastery comes in seamlessly combing the two skills. Every company needs to focus on providing a great customer experience from the sales cycle through service and retention. It’s the best way to grow, as it focuses on maximizing existing opportunities and growing your company through improved company reputation. The first step to successfully merging sales and customer service is to integrate a CRM into your enterprise.


Integrating a CRM such as Salesforce is essential for the customer’s cycle. Introducing a CRM to prospectors, salespeople or closing reps help with lead management and can help ensure a higher closing ratio. The concept is simple: the better the leads are managed, the more sales you will get.

A CRM will also help after the sale, as it can help with the customer’s integration into your business/products/services. This is an essential tool for any onboarding or customer service reps in your organization.

As the customer contacts you for help, the only way to ensure continuity of service is by tracking the customer’s information on a CRM and logging the information properly. Not only will this help with each individual customer’s issue, but can point to major concerns such as repeated product or service issues experienced by many customers. This will keep your business nimble and ahead of any problems.

A CRM will work so well with resolving issues, it will also help reduce churn. It is also a vital tool for any Loyalty department to track churn and offers.

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