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Every modern contact centre looks to offer help to their clients, but many miss one of the main points: they need to be easy to contact. Marshall Mcluhan famously said, “The medium is the message” and every contact centre needs to focus on getting the message out to their clients in the form they find most comfortable. Statistically speaking, most customers still prefer to contact a company via telephone, which means that the first service check a contact centre needs to make is to look at their telephony systems.

The first thing that a customer will hear when calling your company will be the Interactive Voice Response (commonly known as the IVR system). The IVR should be easy to use for customers, and allow them to contact exactly who they need to. It’s important to look at best practices in your industry, and to stay up to date with your options. Once you design the ideal IVR for your business, you need to make the big step and take action to implement the new system! Once you test and implement everything, you’ll see a big improvement in speed of response and customer satisfaction. This will make your call centre more efficient, more cost effective and keep your customers happy. And happy customers are long term customers!

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