Partner – SalesForce

AcceInfo has over 20 years of experience in the banking industry which makes us an ideal partner for a company like ‘Salesforce’- Canada's #1 CRM Software System.

Manage Projects Better!

        As your company continues to grow (and growing is always the goal) you'll find the need to start some projects to fuel that growth. But project management is consistently cited as one of the greatest challenges companies face, as many things c...

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KPIs – How to improve

            The last blog discussed Key Performance Indicators and motivating staff. A motivated staff is a key component of increasing KPIs, but there are other ways to improve the overall performance of your company. Here are some thi...

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What are Key Performance Indicators?

          Measuring performance is incredibly important for every business, as it give you the temperature of how the team and individuals are functioning. The goal is to always run a company in a efficient and effective way, while having a focus ...

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Reduce Your Churn!

            If your business is in tune with the Customer Lifetime Value, odds are that you are fully aware that to maximize on that metric, you need to keep your customers happy. A happy customer is one who will stay with your brand, a...

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Customer Lifetime Value!

        There is an old sales method which focuses on getting a new sale no matter what, including unethical means. While this is a temporary way to increase revenue, it ignores some incredibly costly and damaging long term effects on a business. ...

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